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Become a Freelance Delivery Driver / Delivery Driver Jobs

Earn extra money with your car or van delivering from shops near you.

We Deliver Local is a flexible way to earn additional income and you are completely free to work and when you are available. All you require is an iPhone or Android smartphone.

When a customer places an order you'll be notified via the We Deliver Local app, and at this point you can decide if you are able to complete the order.  You are free to accept or decline the delivery depending on your availability.

The app wlll tell you that a job is pending, the amount you will earn for that job, the distance, and whether the order is collected from a specific shop, or to be collected yourself.

The majority of our orders are for the 'Driver Direct' service.  For these order, you are told what the customer has ordered and you should purchase the items and then deliver them to the customer.  We will reimburse you for the products purchased the following day.  This is a similar process to if you telephoned a taxi company and asked them to buy and deliver some items.

To be active, make sure you are logged in to the app when you are available to work.  The customer will have paid online so you don't have to handle their payments.  Simply obtain a 4 digit PIN from the customer to confirm that you have completed the delivery. 

You earn a varying amount for each delivery and are paid more for larger orders or a further distance.

Follow the link below to apply and become a freelance delivery driver.

We Deliver Local is changing its name to Beelivery.com, so you should now apply by visiting the Beelivery website by clicking the link below.

Delivery Driver Jobs with Beelivery